Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Review of Vitavana Turmerex™ Turmeric 95% Extract

I recently was sent a bottle of Turmerex to try and review for my honest unbiased and honest opinion.

Let me start off by saying I love Turmeric, I cook with it regularly and know its health properties are outstanding so when I was contacted to recieve this I was truly excited. I have taken Turmeric capsules before with great results but had ran out and hadnt recently been taking them. Since receiving this product I have been taking it regulary again with no side effects just great results. I took one pill a day with meal and had absolutely no ill effects, no aftertaste either.

Turmerex is a professional-grade turmeric supplement standardized to 95% curcuminoids. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in India as a spice and for its medicinal properties. Each Turmerex capsule contains 712.5mg of curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, that has been studied for its ability to support the body's ability to fight many health related issues. Here are just a few of the benefits of Turmerex:

» Supports cognitive function

» Promotes joint health

» Supports the immune system

» Helps neutralize free radicals

The following statements have been taken directly from Vitavana

★ OUR #1 BEST-SELLING TURMERIC SUPPLEMENT ★ Turmeric is an ancient spice that may be one of the most effective nutritional supplements in existence. It has been used for thousands of years in India as a spice and for its medicinal properties. Recent scientific studies have confirmed that certain compounds in Turmeric called curcuminoids are responsible for the numerous health benefits and medicinal properties of Turmeric.
★ FAST-ABSORBING TURMERIC 95% EXTRACT ★ Turmeric root naturally contains only about 3% curcumin therefore it is crucial to take a turmeric extract standardized to at least 90% curcumin to receive the maximum health benefits. Turmerex contains 750mg of turmeric extract standardized to 95% which means you are getting one of the most potent turmeric supplements available on the market.
★ 712.5MG CURCUMIN WITH 5MG BIOPERINE® ★ Each Turmerex capsule contains an astounding 712.5mg of curcumin - the active compound responsible for the majority of turmerics health benefits. Not only is our curcumin highly concentrated, we added 5mg of BioPerine® - a patented form of black pepper that acts as a bioavailability enhancer and drastically increases the absorption of curcumin into the bloodstream.
★ MADE IN THE USA IN AN NSF CERTIFIED, FDA COMPLIANT FACILITY ★ Our Turmeric is sourced from the highest quality suppliers from around the world and is purity tested in our lab to ensure you receive the highest quality and most potent turmeric extract available. Turmerex is mixed in state of the art V-blenders that perfectly blend each batch for higher consistency and potency than other supplements.
★ 60 DAY UNCONDITIONAL 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE ★ If for ANY reason you are not 100% satisfied with Turmerex, we will give you a full, 100% hassle-free refund. We offer such a generous money-back guarantee because we are only happy if you are 100% satisfied with Turmerex. Even with our generous money-back guarantee our refund rate is only 2.2%. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? EXPERIENCE THE AMAZING BENEFITS OF TURMERIC AND TRY TURMEREX RISK-FREE TODAY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fertilify Reproductive Health Supplement

I was sent a bottle of Fertilify to try and review for my unbiased and honest opinion.

I recently turned 29 and I am positive that in the future I want to me a momma. Not immediately but someday yes:) I know as women age their ability to become pregnant becomes tougher and tougher that is why keeping my reproductive organs healthy is very important to me. I was really happy to see a company created a supplement just for that purpose. Especially one with such clean ingredients. I have began to take it with no side effects what so ever and will continue to use this product.

You can find Fertilify by clicking HERE

FERTILIFY is a women’s fertility supplement for Today’s Modern Women, who are either looking to get pregnant NOW, or think they may want to LATER in life.

Whether having children is years away, or you’re planning to have a child now, you should be proactive about supporting and maintaining your reproductive health.
FERTILIFY is a chewable, all-natural, doctor designed supplement, backed by current scientific research to help maintain and support reproductive health.

As women wait longer to reproduce, the chance of conceiving decreases. Fertility rates can decrease due to:
1. Free Radicals: Studies suggest that there are chemicals in our bodies, called free radicals, that can decrease fertility.
2. Stress: Free radicals occur naturally but they can over-produce when we are stressed, drink alcohol, smoke, eat foods with preservatives along with many other triggers.
3. Time: Theory suggests that, over time, damage from free radicals has cumulative effects, leading to an age-related decline in fertility.
4. Poor AMH: Research suggests that declines in hormones, such as Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH), the key measure of ovarian reserve, may also lead to reduced fertility.
5. Deficient nutrients: Statistics show that 50% of all pregnancies are unplanned, and so may occur when we are deficient in essential vitamins & nutrients for proper fetal development

1. Women who may not want to get pregnant now, but want to safeguard their fertility for later in life
2. Women who are currently trying to get pregnant naturally
3. Women who are under-going assisted reproductive technology or other fertility treatments
4. Women who have one or more children and would like to safeguard their fertility for the future
5. Women who plan on using oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing)

FERTILIFY is the ONLY fertility supplement on the market that is:
1. Doctor designed: developed in a leading Assisted Reproductive Technology clinic with a leading fertility physician, Dr. Cepeda, MD, FRCSC, as a co-founder
2. Backed by current scientific research: to ensure you’re benefiting from the latest breakthroughs in fertility research
3. All-natural: with natural flavors and no artificial colors
4. Chewable: with an amazing natural berry taste
5. All-in-one solution: with ALL of the ingredients that you need to Support & Maintain your reproductive health (no need to take additional supplements)!
6. NOW or LATER: whether you want to have children now or later in life, FERTILIFY was created with all of us in mind
7. Sold in fertility clinics: with fertility specialists across the country promoting our solution!
8. High quality: with the right vitamers, effective quantities of ingredients, and manufactured in the USA under the guidelines of the FDA and Health Canada
9. Cost effective: even with a seemingly higher retail price, we’re actually more cost effective than the ‘other brands’ when you consider the higher quality and quantity of our active ingredients
10. Transparent: listing every active ingredient, their quantities and explaining how each one can help your fertility
11. Complementary: by working well in conjunction with most other fertility efforts such as fertility treatments, prenatal vitamins, etc.
12. Packed with potency: most other fertility supplements either do not have the right ingredients, or enough of the right ingredients to really be effective
13. Educational: we take the effort to explain how fertility has changed over the generations, and how our solution can really help
14. Deigned to help Today’s Modern Women Support & Maintain our reproductive health

You should take FERTILIFY if you are either of these cases:
1. You want to support your fertility
2. You are currently trying to get pregnant
3. You would like to support and maintain your fertility for later in life, when you may want to get pregnant.
4. You should not take FERTILIFY if you are post-menoposal

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Midori Spring Ceremonial Organic (GOLD) Class Matcha Green Tea

I have heard so many great things about Matchas in the past but had yet to try one. So when asked ro review and sample Midori Spring Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea, I jumped right on it. As soon as it arrived I opened it to check it out. My first thoughts were how nice the packaging is and how beautiful and bright the color of this Matcha is. I also was very pleased to see that this product was Organic an GMO Free as I am a huge believer and advocate of Organic GMO Free products. This Matcha powder is top of the line and very high grade it is the creme dela creme of Matchas in my opinion from my research.

For those curious as to the powderful healthy benefits of Matchas, look no further. The following is taken directly from Midori Springs.
BODILY BENEFITS ✪ Our premium grade Matcha is rich in antioxidants, over 137x the EGCG levels that of regular steeped tea. Organic Matcha has been shown to help (1) Increase energy levels (2) Help reduce stress and improve mental alertness (3) Support metabolism and help with weight loss 4) Support immune system and helps reduce inflammation. (5) Help the body cleanse of harmful elements.
THIRD PARTY CERTIFICATIONS ✪ USDA Organic Certified by NOP Via OCIA International Agreement, JAS Organic Certified by OCIA, OU Kosher Certified. In addition, Midori Spring Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha is also GLUTEN FREE, GMO FREE, and contains no pesticides, soy, wheat of any kind.
ENHANCED PACKAGING ✪ Our packaging is formulated to maintain optimal freshness and to provide effortless handling. The Matcha is stored in a food grade tin and sealed with a pull top and lid. Once the pull top is removed, the Matcha should be stored in the fridge with the lid on to maintain freshness and eliminating the nuisance of the bag.
FIRST CLASS QUALITY ✪ For the matcha drinkers who are looking for the FINEST Ceremonial Grade Matcha powder. This 1st flush (1st harvest) Matcha is rich vibrant green in color, sweet in aroma with smooth earthy flavors. Our production processes are second to none. Carefully selected and grown in shaded facilities. Once the BEST tea leaves have been selected, they are gently blown and cooled. The selected leaves are then grinded by a Mikage Stone Mill to produce delicate delicious final powder.

They also offer this as their 100% QUALITY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ✪ Sourced from the most prestigious tea gardens in Japan, our production facilities are designed to maximize the oxygen flow to the roots and to provide shaded sunlight, allowing tea leaves to naturally expand to collect more sunlight. We at Midori Spring believe in our products 100%. However, our customers are important to us. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, please contact us immediately for a full refund or exchange. We are here for any questions or concerns.

So for me that is prety awesome, any company that backs their products and is willing to offer a full refund is an honest true company in my book.

I was very excited that my first try with Matchas was going to be one that was such high quality and organic. So without further adue lets get this party started and try it out.

Directions are stated below.

Traditional Method- What you need: Matcha Bowl (Chawan), Matcha Whisk (Chasen), Bamboo Scoop (Chashaku), Small Sifter 1. Warm up matcha bowl and bamboo whisk. Place whisk in bowl and fill ¹/3 of bowl with hot water. Let it sit for 1 minute, discard water. Dry bowl with clean cloth or paper towel. 2. With the bamboo scoop place 2 scoops of Midori Spring Matcha through a small sifter into bowl to avoid clumping. 3. Pour 60mL/2oz of hot water (72-76°c, 162-169°f) into bowl and whisk briskly in a "W" motion until fine foam appears. The whisk should not scratch the bottom of the bowl. 4. Sip and Enjoy!

I choose to make mine differently I added matcha to a pitcher and added cashew milk and steamed and frothed mine, makng a matcha latte I added a few sweetleaf vanilla stevia drops. It was diffently a new flavor for me, but I enjoyed the taste.

I have seen many people have used this in baking recipes so I am excited to try it that way as well.

Not only did it taste amazing, I was happy to know as I sipped away that the tea is so full of health benefits.

If Matcha is something you frequently purchase or your looking to try I highly recommend this company and brand.


*disclaimer* I received this product for free for my unbiased and honest review.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Let Glow2Go Tan Towlettes be the new way to achieve your summer glow.

I recently was sent a box of Glow2Go Tan Towlettes at a heavily discounted rate to try and review for my unbiased and honest review.

In the past I have never had good luck with products like these but there is always a first for everything and I try to stay positive so I figured, hey what do I have to loose. As soon as they arrived I couldnt wait to try them out. The packaging is very nice and eye catching so I hoped my results would be superb as well.

Eager to try these babies out I decided to not wait around but to try them out asap so last night after showering and exfoliating I tore into the box and was so pleasantly suprised with just how actractive the inner packaging is as well. My first thought was WOW! This company really has it together when it comes to appearance and advertising. They come in individual little foils that are super handy for taking with you on the go.

Once you open the package up you unfold the towelette and as easy as it sounds it really was, you just take the towelette and wipe your body down, this realy helped me to achieve an even uniform layer of product on my skin. Another plus for Glow2Go. So far I am still pleased. So after applying it was time to wait for my results. I let my skin dry and the product soak in before dressing. I promise it didnt take long to dry. Still happy:)

I crawled into bed to reture for the night feeling really excited to wake up to some results. Hoping they would be good. As soon as I woke up I jumped out of bed to check myself out.

YAY No streaking, no dirty orange coloring, just an even natural looking tan glow. This made me glow inside knowing I finally have a product I can use knowing I am not going to turn out looking like a oompa loompa!

So my final thoughts are Yes I am very happy with this product and I highly recommend it and will continue to purchase in the future.

Dont let your past results with self tanners scare you away, give this company a shot and you wont be disappointed!

Below is a little more insight on the company.

you can purchase these by clicking here GLOW2GO

Glow2Go - Amazon #1 best selling self tanning towelettes
GLOW2GO is America’s brand new INNOVATIVE and most talked about sunless tanning towelettes.
This hip super saver pack of Glow2Go contains 20 (YES TWENTY!) individually wrapped premium towelettes which are perfect for sunless tanning at home or on the go.
Glow2Go has created this special box to also help you with storage! Their super-saver box comes with a special ‘press to open’ area that will enable easy pulling of one towelette at a time – WITHOUT opening the entire box! This will enable you to keep it in your closet under other products and stay organized. Yes, they try to think about EVERYTHING…
Each towelette is concentrated with their innovative self-tan formula that will produce:

• Quick
• Even
• Streak Free
• Natural Looking Tan
• In less then 4 hours!
• You’ll Be Amazed With The Results!

You will look sexy and attractive anywhere, anytime! Take Glow2Go towelettes with you on the road and when you travel and you don’t have to carry a big self-tanning lotion bottle.
To make sure you get the best out of your tanning experience, they will also send you their best selling guide “Self Tan Secrets” that is packed with all the facts and secrets you need to know about the wonderful world of self-tanning! This 50 page guide was researched and written by Thermalabs formula technicians.
They also give you 100% money back guarantee! Even though they know you’ll never need it, but if for some reason you’re not 1000% amazed by the results – send them the box back and get a full refund!


Tired of your hair, need a change?! Dont let your hair become your worst enemy, make it your best friend

Are you one of those people who gets bored easily with the same old hair styles day after day. Feeling that urge to chop your hair but your afraid, or maybe you already have short hair and your longing for long luscious locks? Maybe you have thin hair but wish your could snap your fingers and make it thick. Dont we all Wish life was as easy as just pushing a button and changing our hair style up daily, well now we can! I think I have discovered the solution, the answer to so many ladies prayers :)

Dun dun da!! Clip in Hair extensions !!

With so many options you just can't go wrong. uuhairextensions offer high quality but low price across the world. All their hair extensions are made of 100% Human Hair without synthetic material. They have a great track record and have provided thousands of customers with superior quality hair and meet their request about long thick hair. Head on over the check the reviews for yourself and see why so many are choosing uuhair extensions for all their hair style needs. Not only do they have a large variety they also ship all over and provide you with a tracking number. They also have rush shipping options if you need something in a hurry or simply dont want to wait.

With everything from 18 inch clip in hair extensions to a 20 inch hair weave.
With a wide array of colors textures and styles there literally is something for everyone.
Come on and see for yourself.

Lots of colors and styles at affordable prices and multiple shipping options, you just cant go wrong by shopping with them. From short to long and everything in between, you name it they have it. Get that perfect look you have always dreamed of.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Review of OMEGA 3 FISH OIL GMO FREE softgels by Quality Encapsulations

I was recently sent a bottle of 60 of the Omega 3 Fish oil capsules by Quality Encapsulations through Tomoson. CLick here to find this product via amazon.

If you know anything about health then you know just how crucial having Omega 3's in your diet truly is. The thing is is often difficult to get the recommended dosages through food sources alone. Thats where supplements come into play. When searching for a good supplement I always do my research first. What I loved about these Omega 3's were the fact of how "clean" they are and how they are triple strength. This is Pharmaceutical grade Chilean fish oil with 1,500mg. Also includes 600mg DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and 800mg EPA "Eicosapentaenoic Acid". They truly pack a punch of greatness when it comes to health. Let me remind you how difficult it can be to find this high of a dosage and grade of Omega 3's in your typical grocery store.

If you struggle with swallowing pills let me reseasure you that this soft gel goes down very smoothly and does not have a fishy smell or aftertaste like so many other Omega 3's I have tried in the past. So you dont have to worry about any fishy flavor or fishy burps coming up later.

Since I began taking these I have experpieced absolutely no negative side effects what so ever. I have noticed more alterness and and over all just a better feeling. Great mood, more energy, sleeping better, waking up more refreshed. I am very pleased with this product and will continue to buy and use. I can definitely say I recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality Omega 3.

Product Details
Quality Encapsulations Highly Concentrated, Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil packed with the kind of omega-3 fatty acids your body needs. Rich in brain and heart healthy EPA and DHA, this high grade Chilean Fish Oil is an easy to take soft gel tablet. Each serving contains an industry leading 1,500 total mg of omega-3 fatty acids with 800 mg of EPA and 600 mg of DHA. You now have a powerful way get the most from omega-3 rich fish oil, which dramatically improves health in a variety of ways including improving immunity, cardiovascular health, circulation and brain function and lowering bad cholesterol levels.

-Triple strength formulation
-Proprietary Antioxidant Blend
-Packed with 1,500 mg of omega-3 fatty acid
-800 mg of EPA and 600 mg of DHA
-No aftertaste
-Specially designed to be easy to swallow
-PCB tested for safety
-Guaranteed to be within Prop 65 limits
-Made in the USA

*I received this product for a honest unbiased review*


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Get ready for Summer with amazing Rompers and Playsuits at CHOIES!

With spring infull effect and summer soon on the way CHoies is filling their site full of fabulous new must have items! Romper and Jumpers and dresses are all the rage and super functionable for literally every occasion.

I have listed a few of my favorites to intice you to head over to their site and check out all the fun new items for yourself; at beyond amazing prices that wont break the wallet.

This romper can be found by clicking the link below

Click here for this romper

Click here for this dress

Click for this dress

Click here for this fun two piece set

Click here for this dress

Click for this romper

Click for this romper

Click for this Kimono

Click for this Kimono