Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Stone of Spirit with Waves of Eternity.


 Because, I really love so many styles, I end up with a huge closet of many different options.  I am also learning that so many looks I am loving I can put together with things I already have!  Like any girl though, I love buying new things to add to my closet! Having new items is such an exciting feeling.

 For this look I paired a black tank layered under a denim button up with a pair of skinny legging jeans a black belt & and my black lita look a likes.

 This is a street fashion look I put together for going out and about on one of my past days off last week.  I wanted to keep it casual as I was only going out grocery shopping and to do a few other things, yet if you haven't noticed yet I have to add a fashionable flare to everything I wear. I've never ever just been a jeans and t shirt kind of girl, if some thought wasen't put into the outfit then its just not for me:)  I love to piece different options together, the more and more I blog the more I am becoming truly in love with fashion but on a different level and not only a new love is developing but more of an appreciation for the art of it. So much personality and originality comes into play when I put together styles and looks.  Its like my heart speaks some times through my styles and I am so grateful to be a person in this world who simply does not care how others view what I choose to cloth my body with.  I hope to be an inspiration for so many other girls who are fearful of being fashionable because of what others will say or think of them.  I say if your happy with how it looks then wear it, and ROCK IT!  When you feel good about what you wear and how you look it truly shows in how you carry yourself.  Get out there and let your personality show in your daily style. Create yourself and I promise you will be looked up to, others will see your pride and want to carry themselves in the same manner.  Let your inner energy radiate:) Never stray from your soul and stay true to yourself.

xoxo Jenny



* I own all rights to these photos, If you would like to use them for any purpose please ask my permission first, Thank You SO Much:) *

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Look Beyond this Earth

MY second polyvore set, I am still kinda getting used to polyvore and how it works so I thought I'd practice a little and put together one with my favorite print right right. The Cosmic Trend!!

I am seriously loving the cosmic galaxy print incorporated into clothing! Maybe its because I have always loved to look at pictures of space and all the beautiful galaxies. The colors so bright and vivid, have pulled me in since I was just a young girl. I can only imagine and dream of what it truly must look like up there. I will forever be mesmerized and question space, the universe and all the mysteries it holds.

Black Milk is a company I have yet to blog of until now, but trust me you will be hearing lots more about them. I am truly in love with their prints patterns and designs. Their leggings are to die for!! I recently just ordered my first pair of cosmic leggings. Unfortunately trying to save money I had to go with a pair I found on ebay. NO where near as colorful and beautiful as Black Milks line. I was kind of sad when they came because I had really looked forward to receiving them but was let down when I opened the packaging and saw the colors were not vivid like they had been in photos. Oh well, that's what I get for not just splurging and going with Black Milk! Being a fashion blogger and being fully immersed in the fashion world online, there's always a zillion things I have my eye on that I want to save for. Black Milk leggings are a top on my list as are the gorgeous black wedge back off boots by Jeffrey Campbell. I have wanted them since I came across a pair online! They are simply perfect with leggings, every time I see them on a model I want to just buy them soo badly, but at nearly 200.00 I definitely have to save:)I wish I had an endless bank account and a ginormous closet so I could buy buy buy and wear wear wear.. but then I have to snap out of dream land and back to reality and just remind myself that maybe someday I will be at a blogging level I can afford more amazing pieces to put outfits together to bring to you here on my blog:) I must be patient I guess, something I struggle with so much of the time, but am getting better and better at:) To find more amazing black milk pieces check out their site


& the Jeffrey Campbell boots can be found here