Friday, November 2, 2012


There's nothing like online shopping and having to wait for your items to arrive. Now that I am not a little kid but still love surprises and unwrapping things Ive resorted to online shopping. This way all through the year it can occasionally feel like Christmas. I ordered these last week off eBay and am anxiously awaiting their arrival, I just tracked them and they should arrive to me either tomorrow or Monday! If you cant tell I am overly excited, as I have been looking for the perfect ankle boots for a while now. The problem is there are just so many styles this season I am in love with, so slowly I am feeding my shoe fetish and restocking the closet with new winter boots! Heres a sneak peak of the boots I ordered! I'll post more photos as soon as they arrive.

The site on ebay I found these boots is listed here click below to check out their awesome affordable selection! I am loving quite a few of their shoes right now and think you will too:)

xoxo Jenny

*Photos belong to CoolShoesMD*