Friday, November 2, 2012

Look Beyond this Earth

MY second polyvore set, I am still kinda getting used to polyvore and how it works so I thought I'd practice a little and put together one with my favorite print right right. The Cosmic Trend!!

I am seriously loving the cosmic galaxy print incorporated into clothing! Maybe its because I have always loved to look at pictures of space and all the beautiful galaxies. The colors so bright and vivid, have pulled me in since I was just a young girl. I can only imagine and dream of what it truly must look like up there. I will forever be mesmerized and question space, the universe and all the mysteries it holds.

Black Milk is a company I have yet to blog of until now, but trust me you will be hearing lots more about them. I am truly in love with their prints patterns and designs. Their leggings are to die for!! I recently just ordered my first pair of cosmic leggings. Unfortunately trying to save money I had to go with a pair I found on ebay. NO where near as colorful and beautiful as Black Milks line. I was kind of sad when they came because I had really looked forward to receiving them but was let down when I opened the packaging and saw the colors were not vivid like they had been in photos. Oh well, that's what I get for not just splurging and going with Black Milk! Being a fashion blogger and being fully immersed in the fashion world online, there's always a zillion things I have my eye on that I want to save for. Black Milk leggings are a top on my list as are the gorgeous black wedge back off boots by Jeffrey Campbell. I have wanted them since I came across a pair online! They are simply perfect with leggings, every time I see them on a model I want to just buy them soo badly, but at nearly 200.00 I definitely have to save:)I wish I had an endless bank account and a ginormous closet so I could buy buy buy and wear wear wear.. but then I have to snap out of dream land and back to reality and just remind myself that maybe someday I will be at a blogging level I can afford more amazing pieces to put outfits together to bring to you here on my blog:) I must be patient I guess, something I struggle with so much of the time, but am getting better and better at:) To find more amazing black milk pieces check out their site


& the Jeffrey Campbell boots can be found here