Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hello My lovely readers, I hope everyone's having a wonderful evening. While I sit in my bed and watch the presidential race I also am blogging:) There's so many things I need to share with you, so here I am:)

Romwe always seems to be having great sales and discounts, I cant help but want to share them with all my wonderful readers! I know I am a little late to blog about this one, since the sale for this ends the 8th, but you still have a couple days to check it out if you want to. Its the 30 % off buyers pick sale! I've posted the image for it below, just go ahead and click on it to head there.

Here's another link for 20% off if you don't catch the buyers pick sale in time. Which reminds me I need to head over there myself before the buyers pick sale ends and order a few items!!

20% off for first order

Fashion Bloggers Love Romwe, go check them out:)!!

xox Jenny