Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Day the Earth Stood Still


Since I started working again keeping up daily on my blog is a bit of a task as I don't get to dress up in my regular clothes on work days. Then, by the time I am off I am really just wanting to shower and relax and not get re-dressed and done up for a outfit post. So I am trying to get a few looks done on my days off, that way I can post throughout the week while I am working! This look I put together this past weekend and am sharing with you now:)

The entire outfit consists mostly of forever 21 pieces. The shoes however are my Lita look a likes. These are my Newest pair!! They truly look absolutely identical and are literally less than have the cost of the original Jeffery Campbell Lita's. When I find good deals like this I couldn't be happier!! I have been obsessed with the Lita style since first seeing them in spring of 2011. I still have yet to own a real pair. Coming in at right under 200.00 and some ranging upwards of 300.00 I just cant seem to fork out the cash for the real deal when I wasn't able to work for nearly two years due to being in a car accident(that was not our fault) and my funds are minimal right now as I get my life back together and wait for our settlement. Some day I dream to own a real pair of Lita's but until then these babies work just fine for me:)

This style I frequently see on and have been loving it! The boots with the high waist-ed shorts paired with a tank and a long flowing jacket or kimono style jacket. Personally I find it to be an all around great summer/fall look for days its still a bit breezy and you want a bit of a wind block on your arms and upper thighs.

The black jacket - Forever 21
The grey tank - Forever 21
Acid Wash shorts - sz 25 Forever 21
Boots Lita inspired look alikes - Ebay
Thunderbird belt - Ebay
Bullet Crystal necklaces - WENT & C.O. (My personal company and designs)
Obsidian Arrowhead Necklace - WENT & C.O. (My personal company and designs)
Rings - Forever 21
Floppy Summer hat - Unknown brand



Thursday, August 16, 2012

Like an ocean of music we move with the flow

This look was from about a month ago. I wore this while heading up the river for the day, although it was about 70 degrees up the river it still felt a bit chilly and breezy to me. So I decided on a festival summer style look.

The shorts are thrifted, I actually picked them up from a thrift store at the beginning of summer, they were mens size 26 levis and I transformed them into some high waist-ed keepers! Since this photo I have done more work on them and will be posting some looks some with the updated versions of these shorts soon.

The Blue long sleeved over sized shirt I am realizing I actually picked up at the same thrift store on the same day. Its quite large on me but I love the look of big loose shirts taking the place of jackets, especially on breezy summer days. Living on the coast its still a bit chilly in the town during the day so having a long sleeves sometimes is nice! It works nicely to pair a larger shirt like this with sleeves half rolled, about elbow length. I like to just throw one on before my outfit before going out to complete the look and add a little something else to it!

I layered a white tank forever 21 with a crochet vintage 70's style tank from Forever 21.

The belted, studded, boots complete the look giving it that festival feel I was going for.

The boots are by canyon river blues.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


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Monday, August 13, 2012

Have You Heard about

I hadn't, until tonight while posting a look to chictopia and browsing around. I stumbled upon this shoe being sold for 52.00 on the site. I couldn't believe my eyes so I had to click further to make sure I wasn't losing it!! Sure enough I was still sane and my eyes were not playing tricks~!

These amazing boots resemble the Jeffrey Campbell's so much for seriously a fraction of the price!! I think I am going to need to order a pair of these to review them and post some amazing looks~! I hope to help ZooShoo promote their site as I feel everyone should know about them!!

Check out the site! CLICK here ZooShoo!

Sun Struck Love

A lot of my fashion style inspiration comes from two of my favorite places to online shop and browse. Planet Blue and Nasty Gal. Two fabulous stores that you will hear me mentioning probably almost daily here. Once you venture into the site, I think you'll soon see why! Absolutely everything they carry is fabulous!

This look is very much inspired by nastygal styles and looks from their lookbooks, site and blog.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO NASTYGAL, Get ready to fall in LOVE!

**All Jeffrey Campbell Litas are 30% off at**

I am absolutely loving the high waist-ed shorts this summer! Especially when paired with a awesome boot or JC lita.

What I wore for this Look

Burnt Orange Under Tank - Forever 21
Black Over Tank - Divided H&M CLICK here H&M!!
Leopard Chiffon - Thrifted
Acid Wash Bleached High Waist-ed Short - Forever 21 CLICK here FOREVER@!!
Boots - Steven Madden
Necklaces - WENT & C.O. (my company designs)
Rings - Forever 21
Rings - 1 is real sterling and turquoise

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Favorite Suprises...

.. are the kinds we least expect! The ones that come out of no where but make our lives seem so complete! Yesterday two of our favorite people showed up to visit!! ELENA AND OLGA !!

Elena and I met in the summer of 2007. I was working at Spinner's Restaurant waiting tables, Elena, here all the way from Perm Russia was working as a hostess. (Spinners is Known for their cedar plank salmon and varieties or fresh delicious seafood! Not to mention their steak cuts are out of this world as well. If you ever are here on the Southern Oregon coast make it a must for dinner one night!~)

After summer Elena, as well as a few others from Russia, returned home to Perm. Since 2007 Elena has made the trip back to Oregon several times for summer work and play. This summer Elena is living and working In Los Angeles CA and has her degree in law and is a lawyer. Two years ago we had the pleasure of meeting Elena's sister Olga who made the trip to Oregon with Elena for a few weeks. Just as we had fallen in love with Elena we fell in love with Olga!

Since Elena is living in LA, Olga decided to take a few weeks break from Russia and make the long trip to LA to spend quality sister time. Since Olga made the long trip to the states, her and Elena both agreed they had to come to Oregon for a quick weekend visit! I am soo glad they did! It was a much needed visit and none of us wanted it to end:(

Elena Olga my brother Colton and I spent the day up in the sun laying by the water relaxing and catching up. I was able to get a some photography time in, always a plus, especially fun candid friend pictures!! I am posting some below!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Road Trippin'

A very exciting day is in line for a very close dear friend of mine!! One of my best friends Miss Megan Punt, whom I have not gotten to see since 2004 is getting Married on this September 15th of 2012, to a fabulous man, her real life prince charming Mr. J.T. Kneip.

My love and I will road trip to Sioux Falls South Dakota to celebrate this glorious amazing day with them! We are so excited and cannot wait! This will be our first time driving through so many states like this! I cannot wait for all the exciting things we will get to see, so much country between Oregon and South Dakota. I am hoping a lot of rad stops will be in order. Lots of photo opportunities as well. Hopefully I can get some decent fashion photos in while on the trip with some awesome back drops of scenery! I am also hoping to find some unique stores for crystals, beads, leather, silver treasures, sterling, old conchos, arrowheads, old cowboy boots to redesign, and a lot of other exciting thrifting materials to re create!

After asking Megan to help me decide a on a dress she choose a few and I narrowed it down to this one that she had picked. Its a gorgeous violet chiffon dress from one of my absolute favorite online shops Nastygal featuring a crochet top and cutout back. I am super excited for it to arrive so I can try it on and send her a picture!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO NASTYGAL, Get ready to fall in LOVE!

**Not to mention all Litas are 30% off right now!!!** Only @!

If you haven't heard of or checked out Nastygal I highly suggest you do!! In my opinion they have a little flare for anyone!! You don't have to be young and eccentric to sport nastygal designs. Just have a passion for loving life and let the clothes do they're job:) I promise when wearing anything from Nasty Gal your sure to get lots of comments and asking's of where you found that amazing piece!

The Stone Cold Fox

For those of you who haven't heard about
The Stone Cold Fox
get ready,.....your in for a real treat!!, and I do mean TREAT! At the beginning of summer I stumbled upon this amazing company ran and founded by two beautiful California sun-kissed beach girls; Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand, friends since childhood.

Here is a photo of the girls with some of their designs, read an interview about the girls here: CLICK HERE TO GO READ THE INTERVIEW!

Ever since I found this site I have been glued to it.
I am not going to lie I have done some serious online window shopping and am in Love with quite a few beautiful pieces and would love to have them in my closet! Only problem... I don't know if they'd ever be in my closet because I don't think I'd ever take them off!

I feel like I could truly take on the world wearing their designs, maybe its just something I do.. but does anyone else ever find themselves realizing how much more awesome their day is when they love and feel proud about their wardrobe!! Nothing makes my day start out better than styling an outfit, putting it on, looking in the mirror and seeing a complete look I am loving!!

I think The Stone Cold Fox image definitely represents feeling good about yourself because their designs speak for themselves! Who couldn't love life while wearing their beautiful to die for dresses.

Over the past few years I have began to realize the important things in life and am learning to love all life's simple pleasures! My life has never been better! The Stone Cold Fox is a definite must in my life! I will have to start saving now. These gorgeous threads range between 100-400 !! But I am sure are sooooo worth it!!

What I would do to have that Black Jade dress to style and do a photo-shoot for my blog in!!! WISHING!!! DREAMING!!!

Here is the jade dress by Stone Cold Fox, this image comes from and can be ordered there as well. You can click the link below to shop all planet blues amazing things! You will not be disappointed, they have such awesome stuff!

Here is a screenshot of the front of the site right now.

Click the ad below to take you to the Planet Blue Site.

When Soul Meets Body

I actually purchased this navy blue flowing maxi dress last summer but only got to wear it once before summer ended, so for my mom’s retirement-celebration of 40 years at the same job; I decided it was a perfect summer evening fit. I paired it with a long black forever 21 duster style cardigan and a pair of apricot Litas. I love the long flowing dress in the summer! In my next post I am going to be discussing some amazing dresses Id die to own and have in my closet!! From some of my most loved and favorite designers! A few I've just learned of this summer and am so glad these designers are now in my life! They are truly to die for and amazing in soo many ways!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I have finally set aside the time for my fashion blog...

…That I have always dreamt of having! Now I have it and will be regularly posting and updating so please start following and stay tuned! I hope to run c0ntests and other things as my followers grow! SOOO you know what that means start spreading the word about obsidian,soul&dreamcatchers!

Starting it up

I recently am learning the benefits of wordspress and blogspot as well as each of their downfalls, because each has such great individual features but eah lacks what one or the other has, I will be posting here and wordpress as well. So please follow me there as well..

I truly love the design and layout of wordpress but was disappointed to find out the affiliate side of it is much different from blogspot from what I am seeing so far. I am not seeing that its ok to have affiliate's on wordpress, where blogspot allows it. If I am wrong please send me a comment or message and let me know:) I would love to find out I can advertise for clothing brands on my blog on wordpress like I am on here!~