Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spiritual Rocker

I have always loved looking at other combinations put together by fellow polyvore members but had yet to ever put anything together or even try it out until this afternoon! So take it easy on me and my first combination:)

I am absolutely loving this trend right now so I decided to put together some styles of pieces I really loving At the moment! !

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I won a contest:)!

Yesterday I checked my email to discover I had won a prize through peace love and flair's blog that was hosted by startbloggin
Part of the contest was to pick your favorite item, I choose the arrow cuff! I was notified this would be shipped out to me:) I cant wait to wear it and feature it with a styled post:)!! Thank you!!
xox Jenny

Monday, October 29, 2012

Swell Sales at

SWELL continues to give us amazing back to back sales!! While checking out Swell today I realized they are having another awesome sale that was definitely worth sharing with all my beloved blog followers!!


Use code RADSALE at checkout to get an extra 20 % off sale items!

CLICK here for SWELL

GO Get to ordering! Let me know what you buy!!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Lovely Sally & Lookbook

Is ooohh soo lovely indeed!!

Oh my gosh how did I not know about this amazing company known as Lovely Sally until just recently?? It truly beats me as I am a legging fanatic! & leggings do they have! Some of the greatest I've seen. I obsess, literally obsess over crazy wild rare leggings. The first time I laid eyes on my first pair of Lovely Sally leggings was when I became frequenting lookbook numerous times daily. Yes I'll admit it, im kinda addicted to checking out and browsing different styles on lookbook. I am a sucker for using lookbook for inspiration when I just cant quite pull an outfit together. I love the feature that allows you the type in what it is you want to search for on the site, so you can narrow down just what your looking for if you want to look for inspiration from a certain piece. Like say you want to see how other fashionistas are styling cosmic print leggings, so you'd type that in and it would bring up outfits that include cosmic print leggings. Trust me, its a great feature and comes in very handy!:) If your a fashion blogger joining lookbook is something i highly recommend you doing. Its great way to get exposure and connect with other fashion bloggers. All in all lookbook is an awesome way to network and I love it!
All my personal styles you see in my blog you can also see on my lookbook account CLICK here for my LOOKBOOK!

Lovely Sally was started in 2011 They produce all their garments using 100% made in Italy products & 100 % legal, qualified, Italian professional adults.

Here are some oh my favorites from their beyond amazing to die for collections!





This is seriously just slight preview of what Lovely Sally has to offer. I am in love with this online store and I think you will be too:)

xoxo Jenny

*I DO NOT own these images. Images borrowed from

Get it before its gone again

I absolutely Love this Spike Leather jacket from Forever 21 and the fact its only 37.80 makes it even more appealing!! I am all about finding the runway looks for next to nothing! It makes you feel even greater when your wearing it, knowing you didn't break the bank to look fashionable! I promise you'll get just as many compliments as if it were a 2,000.00 dollar real leather spike jacket. Try it and see:)

I am debating over getting it as we speak! As I have a forever 21 black moto style leather zip up like this one but its lacking the spikes and I am not willing to spike out diy style the one I have so what do ya think:)??

Get it here

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My New obsession!!


While searching for online clothing companies to blog about that suite my style I came across this amazing company known as RedRock Fashion.
RedRock is a still a relatively small company but I predict we will begin to see them blow up and be known by fashion enthusiasts in all countries here before we know it. Redrock is created by Kiran Lall a fashion designer & stylist with a knack for an original diy style & indie inspired fashion approach. The most unique part of all is that all items are handmade and no two items will ever be the same. That in itself is pretty darn cool in my book! Maybe their style is for you, maybe not.. At least check them out and see what they are all about, never know you may see something you can't live without;)

REDROCK's Site click here


*Photos owned by REDROCK Fashion* Taken for use from RedRock

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oregon girls Love SWELL!

About the same time I discovered Ashlei Louise, her fashion blog
Faltering Bird
and the fact she is from Oregon just like me. I discovered a company called SWELL. Both are awesome sites! Please check out Ashlei's blog she truly is an amazing blogger and stylist when it comes to her fashion sense. She is one of my top 3 favorite bloggers to follow and has been such an inspiration to get me with getting started in blogging. If your not yet familiar with Ashlei and Swell ... well .. THEN I suggest you become familiar with them asap! I am now a follower of both Ashlei and Swell! Ashlei too has blogged of Swell and has put together some awesome looks from their collection! Swell just came out with a October Catalog, there are soo many things I'd die to have so I could put together and create amazing outfits for you guys to see. They have a paper catalog as well as everything to view and order from online. So shopping is super accessible! To get their paper catalog just click the link and fill out the form. Click Here to request catalog
In the mean time check out their digital online catalog at

They also have an amazing sale going on right now, take an extra 25% off already marked down items. Use code CUTBACK at checkout.

Here is a few things from their October catalog I am loving!




Really Love this entire outfit, but the leggings are what the picture is focusing on in the Catalog.

Here is a photo of one of Ashlei's latest looks from her blog to give you an idea of how awesome her style is! Please check out her blog and be sure to follow her, shes always hosting amazing contests as well!


*This photo is owned by Ashlei not myself* taken from her blog Faltering Bird

*Other photos are from Swell

Thank you for reading and following:) Comments are always loved:)

xoxo Jenny

p.s check out Ashlei and Swell, then let me know what you think:)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dont Miss OUT

Don't miss out on these awesome fall sales going on!
Nastygal has some awesome sales going on! Check them out!


Swell also has some great sales going on! Take an additional 25% off already marked down sale items! Use code: CUTBACK


Free People also some some great sales going on right now!

Free People

Planet Blue Also some great sales happening right now!

Home Page

Lulus has some awesome sales happening!

563916_Chic clothing & accessories - LuLu*s is THE destination for trendsetters around the world.

Here's just a few of my favorite places to shop that have sales going on! Check them out!!! Just click any of the pictures to go to the links!

xoxo Jenny

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Flannel & Denim


This look is one I put together after being at work, I knew I needed to clean out my closet and box up some stuff to try to sell.  In the midst of trying on jeans I realized I have a ton that are too big for me but still wearable if I belt them.  So I thought, hmm I'll make some more shorts up! For now they turned out like this, with a rolled cuff on the bottom.  Who knows, with time I may cut them up more for a different style:) Thats the fun of recycling clothes you can just keep making them into something different.  I was striving for something comfy but still stylish with a little grunge appeal to it.  SO I paired the flannel Hollister shirt with a jean jacket and the shorts I created out of an old pair of Silver jeans.  For shoes I threw a Steven Madden half calf boot into the mix to finish it off.  I threw my hair up in a messy bun and put on some aviator sun glasses and was set to run some errands and do some serious blog work:)





Please follow and let me know what you think:)
*I own all rights to these photos, If you would like to use them please contact me for permission first. Thank you.*

Thursday, October 11, 2012

ShaeMoisture Baby Bar Soap

I also received this through the program in my voxbox.  Its such a wonderful silky soft soap! Its great for babies skin as well as adults.  I have very sensitive skin and this never has not irritated it once. I am definitely a fan! You can check them out at


EBOOST was a natural energy packet I received in my naturals voxbox through I was quite skeptical at first because I typically dont like energy drinks because of the racing heart and jittery feeling with the crash at the end.  This to my surprise was fortunately different! I'd describe it more like vitamins to get you going! I would purchase this again.  The taste wasen't bad either.
You can find out more about it on

Saturday, October 6, 2012


PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketUntil just recently I wasn't sure what exactly to classify the popular trend I fell so hard for, and have no idea why I am so drawn to the sloppy rocker high fashion at times festival like look. I love the contrast about it, pairing two crazy things together and making it work. The inner energy when wearing this style gives me this I can concur the world will still looking fashionable feel, if that makes sense at all:) Nastygal has became a huge favorite of mine for finding inspiration in outfits. I love how they style their models. While writing this article something dawned on me that now makes perfect sense as to why I love this look and style so much. All of my life I have been drawn to the Olson Twins, absolutely loved and envied them and their style sense. Now its like they are finally making cloths in stores that are vintage thrift like. CLothes that resemble their amazing fashion sense. Lately I'd have to say Miley Cyrus is a follower and a great example of someone who has been known to sports the grunge style well. I definitely will say I think their is a soft grunge and a hard core grunge, my style is borderline grunge and pretty soft mixed with bohemian/hippy. Nothing to eccentric, I mostly fan the oversized blouses worn as jackets the high waisted shorts the ankle boots and midcalf boot, litas, leggings. I hope the pictures help you to see what inspires my style and provides you with my stylings:) Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

xox Jenny

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Leather and Spikes

This look I consider to be a fairly casual one, and one that doesn't get me too many second glances. Some think of my dressing for the small town I live in to be some what eccentric:) I believe its fun, fashionable and tells a lot about who I am. I love piecing together outfits that remind me of something styled for a magazine style photoshoot, a site lookbook or a runway. I've never been much a jeans and t kind of girl but some days I feel its necessary as long as you keep it stylish and fun. To mix up the basic jeans and t I threw into the mix a pair of leopard spike flats and a leather jacket to give it an edgy feel. This was the final product:) Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Grey v-neck shirt - Mossimo/Target Skinny Jeans - Pink Celebrity Leopard shoes with Spikes - Curfew ( I DIY'd the spikes on the flats) Leather Jacket - Forever 21 Bullet casing Crystal Necklace WENT by Jennifer Wentworth (one of my designs) Skinny Brown Belt - Unknown I've thought of myself my entire life as the girl who loves fashion but cant afford the hefty price tags. So all my life I have been the type of girl who takes high fashion and recreates it for much cheaper or I search for something that looks so similar hardly anyone can tell the difference. My spike leopard flats are a prime example! I am a sucker for these little metal spikes and rivets on shoes but couldn't see paying over 200.00 for the hellraisers. So I decided to buy a pair of leopard flats for 16.00 and a pack of spikes for about 5 and create darn near the same style of shoe for under 30.00 bucks:) I am in love and have gotten so many compliments~ Just goes to show, you don't have to spend a fortune to look hip trendy and in style. Not to mention people really love hearing that I did it myself, The compliments go up even more when people realize I made these on my own:) Try creating your own affordable fashion looks some time!!! I guarantee you will get complimented and none the less you'll have fun creating!! Thanks for following:) xox Jenny PLease hype me on lookbook:)

Shop Lately?? ..

Have you heard of shoplately?? If you haven't and you love fashion and accessorizing I highly suggest you check them out!! I recently discovered the site and have continued to return. They have seriously some of the greatest deals I've ever seen and I am not even kidding! Not to mention extremely cheap shipping and handling of only 2.99 flat rate. Here is a screen shot of the start page of the site to give you an idea of the layout.
Click here to join the site, its free!! Feel extremely fashionable and updated for next to nothing!!

All dresses on NASTYGAL are 30 % off !!

Dont miss out on this awesome sale from Click here for they have all dresses take 30 % off even off the already reduced sale items! Now is the time to pick up some of your favorites while saving yourself a little:)! Click the link above or to the right to check them out and score yourself some sweet savings~! Limited Time Only - Save 30% on Dresses at Nasty Gal!

Monday, October 1, 2012

CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizer Wipes

These great hand santizer wipes were also in my voxbox from influenster. They come in very handy and work extremely well when on the go. I am germ freak so I always keep handsantizer with me! I love these because you can wipe your cell phone down periodically. We forget that our phones have tons of germs on them and then we put them up to our face,... icky!! You can find out more about this great product on their website For kids, adults, hands, and faces, CleanWell kills germs naturally and sensitively. And since CleanWell wipes contain no alcohol, they'll only make your hands softer, you'll never smell like the doctor's office, and your sensitive skin won't suffer.

Desert Essence Coconut Shine & Refine Hair Lotion

I received Desert Essence Coconut Shine and refine hair lotion in my voxbox from influester. I have been a huge fan of many desert essence products so I was sure I'd fall in love with this as well. I did, it left my hair feeling ultra soft and super smooth. My wavy hair has been feeling a bit dry with this summer weather and this instantly hydrated it bringing it back to life. Im a big fan of there facewash too! You can check out there site online and see all their products • Infuses hair with moisture and restores healthy shine • Strengthens hair • Helps smooth damaged hair and reduce frizz without weighing hair down Bring out hair’s natural beauty as you nourish it. This lightweight lotion helps smooth and defrizz hair naturally and without weighing it down. Infused with: • Coconut Oil and Extract to provide essential nutrients to smooth damaged hair • Cactus and Agave drench hair in moisture and help restore a healthy shine • Vitamins A, E, and Panthenol strengthen hair Available at select Whole Foods locations, natural independent retailers, and

Parissa Face & Bikini Wax Strips

This is another product I received in my recent voxbox from influenster. They surprisingly work very well! The Parissa® is all-natural hair removal that works wherever you need it. Parissa® Wax Strips for Face & Bikini are a mess-free, express hair remover that are ready to use. Zip away unwanted hair on the upper lip, cheeks & bikini line instantly – keeping skin smooth for up to 6 weeks. Small wax strips are sized correctly for the upper lip or small areas around the bikini line and the kit includes a vial of Azulene Oil ot soothe and soften skin, preventing ingrown hairs. 2 Easy Steps: 1. press on 2. zip off Ideal for: beginners, touch ups & travel. Contains: 16 (8 x 2 sided) strips, easy to follow photo instructions, 8 ml vial of Azulene Oil. Satisfaction Guaranteed: Read Instructions & cautions before use. Available at Fred Meyer, Giant Eagle, Hannaford, Harmon, Ricky’s, Select Target, Ulta, Wegmans, Vitamin Shoppe and Whole Foods Markets and online at I highly recommend these!