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You can pretty much say I am in love with everything from this designer! I yet to own anything from them but would absolutely love to add so many of their pieces to my closet. They are offering everything take 25 % off today for the cyber sale. Check them out and let me know what you think of their lovely pieces!


You can also like their facebook page Click here

I love how the styles have a 70's earth child feel to them which I adorn and love to wear and represent so often! These clothes truly speak my language and I am in LOVE





* All photos borrowed from Show Me Your Mumu *

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Romwe--Latest High Street Fashion Online

Dont miss out on Black Friday sales at Romwe ! Get them before they're gone!

Click here or the photo for ROMWE

Romwe-latest high street fashion online

Heres a few sale items I am loving!

*photos borrowed from romwe

Stay up Late and Shop in your PJs!


Planet Blues CYBER MONDAY sale starts tonight at midnight so stay up late and get in on all the action!!

50 % selected items!


*photo borrowed from planetblue*



BlackMilk is offering select items 50 % off for cyber Monday the sale has already started so head there now and get hooked up with some amazing items for 50 % off!!

Click here to head to the 50% off page


Just this last week I was contacted by an absolutely amazing company called ustrendy. It was my first time ever hearing of them and I am so grateful they introduced themselves to me and my fashion blog!


They specialize in indy fashion and have some of the most trendy pieces I have ever seen! I am soooo incredibly excited to be working with such an awesome company. They have asked me to pick out a few items that they will send me, I will create looks and photograph them on myself and then post for all my readers to see. The problem is I love soo many things I have no idea what to choose!! I am asking my readers to help me choose what they want to see me in! So get to it lovely readers of mine!! Check out UsTrendy and let me know what you think I should choose:)

You can also find them on facebook click here

Here's a little bit about their company, to introduce them to you. The following is taken directly from their website.

About Us

UsTrendy allows you to shop and discover one-of-a-kind fashions from all over the world. Our global marketplace contains hundreds of thousands of unique items. Our platform helps to democratize fashion, so that you help decide what designs are produced and promoted each season.

At the same time, UsTrendy helps independent fashion designers sell their products, obtain funding, and gain other assistance to launch and grow their indie clothing lines. So, whether you are a fashion lover or an aspiring fashion designer, UsTrendy is the destination to meet your fashion needs.

The Story: What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

In 2008, Sam Sisakhti founded UsTrendy to help talented fashion designers break down barriers created by the industry’s elite to make a name for themselves.

It all started with a guys’ trip to Vegas, where Sam reunites with his I-Just-Moved-To-L.A.-To-Make-It-As-A-Fashion-Designer childhood friend, Aaron. A concerned Sam notices Aaron is not his normal, peppy self, who later reveals his emotional and financial struggles trying to make it in the fashion industry as a successful designer, but still stay true to his own, distinctive style that got him noticed by fashion admirers in the first place.

Sam, an avid shopper, goes on to share his distaste with the lack of options found in so many stores today and wishes he could have a say in seeing more unique clothing like Aaron’s be made available to the public, but without saturating the market.

And voila, UsTrendy was born! Well…it wasn’t that simple, but it is for YOU!
Sign up With them here

*logo photo borrowed from ustrendy *



Click here for the Swell Sale Page

Just wanted to remind everyone that Swell is having another amazing beyond amazing sale! Take an extra 30% off with the code provided in the photo! Get in and get your favorite items before there gone forever. Take advantage of the discount code. CLick the picture above to go to the sale page.

Hope everyone's having a great relaxing Sunday.



This past week has been such an exciting week, as I have been being contacted by several different companies that are wanting to collaborate with me and my fashion blog. One of these companies was NowIstyle based in Tokyo Japan. Its such a honoring feeling having companies from other countries contact me and want to work with me. I am feeling truly blessed lately and hope good things continue to come my way and happen for me with my blog as I progress in this industry.

NowIstyle will be sending me some articles to style and photograph on myself which I will be sharing here. I cannot wait to get my pieces! Such a surprise having every day feel like Christmas as I await my delivery of these packages to arrive at my doorstep:)

While we await the delivery of my pieces, go ahead and check them out and get started shopping!

Click here for NowIstyle's Site

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So first I will share with you that I have teamed up with an amazing company called shoplately!

If you haven't shopped with them before or your not familiar I highly recommend checking them out!

I will be receiving items from ShopLately and reviewing and wearing in styling posts that I will share here on my blog with all you lovelies~

To sign up with ShopLately click here SHOPLATELY

They have such awesome prices on items and with a flat rate of $2.99 shipping who can pass that up!!

Here's a little briefing on who they are as a company and what they strive for. This is taken directly from their site itself.


We’ve made it our mission to bring the ultimate shopping experience to fashion hungry ladies on the Web. By inviting brands and merchants to sell their products and even offer limited time sale events using our big bad unified selling platform, we are building a trusted one stop shop for on-trend accessories and apparel. And by teaming up with both major and lesser-known brands and merchants, avid shoppers like yourself can find familiar faves while discovering hidden gems.

Each and every day, we bring you the latest and greatest, so don’t miss out. Shop now, shop often.

Here's just a few items they have on their site that are amazing!! Go check out more & get to ordering!


As soon as my items arrive I will post ! Stay tuned!


So many exciting things happening!!

WOW where do I begin!

I'd first like to start by saying thank you to all my beautiful followers and readers!! Because of your support my blog is finally really taking off and becoming known! I could not be more excited to announce I have teamed up with some amazing companies and will be bringing to you some exciting things in the near coming months!

I feel truly honored to have been contacted by the companies whom have contacted me so far and am so blessed to get to collaborate with them! In my next posts I will be sharing just exactly who I have teamed up and what I will be bringing to the table:)

Once again thank you so much, I am slowly having my dreams fall into place and come true:) That makes me beyond happy:)

Love you guys!!

xoxo Jenny

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I am loving this new brand I came across originally on facebook. If you haven't checked out Ladakh, get there now!!

Ladakh (la-dark): Ladakh offers fashion forward pieces with an edgy attitude.

They were founded in 1992 and are located in Australia.


They have some super cute pieces that I'd love to add to my closet.

You can also find them on facebook Ladakh Clothing

*Disclaimer*-I Do not own these images, images borrowed from Ladakh Clothing-

Thank you for reading:)
xoxo Jenny

Friday, November 16, 2012


Recently I was contacted by an absolutely amazing girl named Rebekah Esme, The founder of Cornucopia Clothing. We friended each other on independent fashion bloggers and she notified me of her newest venture & how she was on the hunt for fashion bloggers to help promote her line. I instantly jumped at checking out her site Cornucopia Clothing It was love at first site. I loved her concepts and looks behind each piece and knew I had to enter to be one of her promoters:) So I hopped on the opportunity and messaged her, sharing my information and letting her know I was interested. We exchanged a couple messages and that was that. Today I was very excited to receive a facebook message from her stating this..

Hey Jennifer! .. We've spent long and hard looking over our bloggers who entered our competition to become one of our bloggers to review a freebie and we've finally chosen the final 3 out of just over 200 entry's and.. CONGRATULATIONS! Your one of our final 3 selected! :D .. Firstly, can I just say I love your blog! .. It's fresh and so diverse!.. If your still interest we can discuss what you propose to do to promote Cornucopia in exchange for your freebies! .. Firstly we propose to send you an item for you to review, We'd love it if you could use your social media platforms to promote us! .. Providing you like the products we will send you items (at intervals) for you to continue to review! .. We really look forward to working with you and CONGRATULATIONS once again!

Lots of Love!
Rebekah Esme xx

I was ecstatic and so happy ! I truly feel honored and am very excited to help Rebekah introduce her beautiful line to all my readers!

Stay tuned to see what she has me bring to all you lovelies!

Please check out Cornucopia Click Here

Here's one of her pieces shes created

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Stone of Spirit with Waves of Eternity.


 Because, I really love so many styles, I end up with a huge closet of many different options.  I am also learning that so many looks I am loving I can put together with things I already have!  Like any girl though, I love buying new things to add to my closet! Having new items is such an exciting feeling.

 For this look I paired a black tank layered under a denim button up with a pair of skinny legging jeans a black belt & and my black lita look a likes.

 This is a street fashion look I put together for going out and about on one of my past days off last week.  I wanted to keep it casual as I was only going out grocery shopping and to do a few other things, yet if you haven't noticed yet I have to add a fashionable flare to everything I wear. I've never ever just been a jeans and t shirt kind of girl, if some thought wasen't put into the outfit then its just not for me:)  I love to piece different options together, the more and more I blog the more I am becoming truly in love with fashion but on a different level and not only a new love is developing but more of an appreciation for the art of it. So much personality and originality comes into play when I put together styles and looks.  Its like my heart speaks some times through my styles and I am so grateful to be a person in this world who simply does not care how others view what I choose to cloth my body with.  I hope to be an inspiration for so many other girls who are fearful of being fashionable because of what others will say or think of them.  I say if your happy with how it looks then wear it, and ROCK IT!  When you feel good about what you wear and how you look it truly shows in how you carry yourself.  Get out there and let your personality show in your daily style. Create yourself and I promise you will be looked up to, others will see your pride and want to carry themselves in the same manner.  Let your inner energy radiate:) Never stray from your soul and stay true to yourself.

xoxo Jenny



* I own all rights to these photos, If you would like to use them for any purpose please ask my permission first, Thank You SO Much:) *

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hello My lovely readers, I hope everyone's having a wonderful evening. While I sit in my bed and watch the presidential race I also am blogging:) There's so many things I need to share with you, so here I am:)

Romwe always seems to be having great sales and discounts, I cant help but want to share them with all my wonderful readers! I know I am a little late to blog about this one, since the sale for this ends the 8th, but you still have a couple days to check it out if you want to. Its the 30 % off buyers pick sale! I've posted the image for it below, just go ahead and click on it to head there.

Here's another link for 20% off if you don't catch the buyers pick sale in time. Which reminds me I need to head over there myself before the buyers pick sale ends and order a few items!!

20% off for first order

Fashion Bloggers Love Romwe, go check them out:)!!

xox Jenny

Loving NastyGal's Newest Lookbook

I was pretty excited upon checking my email this afternoon, I discovered an email from Nastygal! It was to let its subscribers know all about their newest lookbook, which I am absolutely loving!!! Their calling it The Light Side of the Moon.

Being a model/photographer as well fashion blogger I have learned to appreciate the bauty of a gorgeous fashion photograph. I will be the first to admit that I feel head over heels in love with Nastygals
lookbooks when I first discovered them in spring of 2011.

Their photographs for their lookbooks always are insanely inspiring to me and their ideas are ones I'd love to try and recreate with a few friends.

So rich and captivating looking, with crisp bright detail and color, I cant imagine these images not catching the eye of many fashion lovers!

If your unfamiliar with Nastygal
or simply just haven't stopped by their site in a while, then I suggest clicking the picture of the links and checking them out, as they have some beautiful new arrivals! I have my eye on a few pieces, that I think, would.. well.. lets just say compliment my closet quite nicely:)

xox Jenny

*I do not own these images. All images borrowed from Nastygal*

Friday, November 2, 2012


There's nothing like online shopping and having to wait for your items to arrive. Now that I am not a little kid but still love surprises and unwrapping things Ive resorted to online shopping. This way all through the year it can occasionally feel like Christmas. I ordered these last week off eBay and am anxiously awaiting their arrival, I just tracked them and they should arrive to me either tomorrow or Monday! If you cant tell I am overly excited, as I have been looking for the perfect ankle boots for a while now. The problem is there are just so many styles this season I am in love with, so slowly I am feeding my shoe fetish and restocking the closet with new winter boots! Heres a sneak peak of the boots I ordered! I'll post more photos as soon as they arrive.

The site on ebay I found these boots is listed here click below to check out their awesome affordable selection! I am loving quite a few of their shoes right now and think you will too:)

xoxo Jenny

*Photos belong to CoolShoesMD*

Look Beyond this Earth

MY second polyvore set, I am still kinda getting used to polyvore and how it works so I thought I'd practice a little and put together one with my favorite print right right. The Cosmic Trend!!

I am seriously loving the cosmic galaxy print incorporated into clothing! Maybe its because I have always loved to look at pictures of space and all the beautiful galaxies. The colors so bright and vivid, have pulled me in since I was just a young girl. I can only imagine and dream of what it truly must look like up there. I will forever be mesmerized and question space, the universe and all the mysteries it holds.

Black Milk is a company I have yet to blog of until now, but trust me you will be hearing lots more about them. I am truly in love with their prints patterns and designs. Their leggings are to die for!! I recently just ordered my first pair of cosmic leggings. Unfortunately trying to save money I had to go with a pair I found on ebay. NO where near as colorful and beautiful as Black Milks line. I was kind of sad when they came because I had really looked forward to receiving them but was let down when I opened the packaging and saw the colors were not vivid like they had been in photos. Oh well, that's what I get for not just splurging and going with Black Milk! Being a fashion blogger and being fully immersed in the fashion world online, there's always a zillion things I have my eye on that I want to save for. Black Milk leggings are a top on my list as are the gorgeous black wedge back off boots by Jeffrey Campbell. I have wanted them since I came across a pair online! They are simply perfect with leggings, every time I see them on a model I want to just buy them soo badly, but at nearly 200.00 I definitely have to save:)I wish I had an endless bank account and a ginormous closet so I could buy buy buy and wear wear wear.. but then I have to snap out of dream land and back to reality and just remind myself that maybe someday I will be at a blogging level I can afford more amazing pieces to put outfits together to bring to you here on my blog:) I must be patient I guess, something I struggle with so much of the time, but am getting better and better at:) To find more amazing black milk pieces check out their site


& the Jeffrey Campbell boots can be found here