Monday, December 9, 2013

Loving Layers with Free People

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My latest collaboration with Free People involves this fabulous Free People Vegan Leather Motorcycle Sweater Jacket. When this arrived I was so excited to open the box and when I did,... dun dun dun... Let me tell you it was as if Christmas came early, I nearly died as I pulled it out of the box and held it close. It was perfect! No words describe how truly gorgeous this jacket really is. I can safely say I am in LOVE! I cant thank Free People enough for this gift. If your looking for a go to jacket this season checking out Free People's selection is an absolute must!!! You can find more by clicking here!! FREE PEOPLE JACKETS

For a direct link to this jacket I am wearing Click here Vegan Leather Motorcycle Sweater Jacket

Recently I was In Las Vegas with my brother and boyfriend for my handsome boyfriends 30th Birthday and I wore this jacket all over the place when it began to cool down in the evenings and had compliments everywhere I went. While there I also visited the Free People store in the Fashion Show Mall and styled some looks and hung out with the gorgeous girlies who work there, needless to say we had a blast that afternoon and I will be sharing the photos of my styled looks in my next blog post!

I wear this jacket with so many different things and I just cant even begin to tell you how well it pairs with so many different looks and styles. Its my favorite, you cant go wrong with this one. I Love Love Love it! So grateful this Holiday season for getting able to to collaborate with this amazing company. Free People makes the most beautiful pieces and I wish I had an endless bank account to buy everything they create each season.

This is the look I chose to share with my readers, its been soooo cold out here lately. I know most states are having negative temperatures, but for us the temps we've been having are extremely rare and cold for us here on the Oregon Coast. Its been getting down to 19 degrees at night and for us that is COLD!! I refuse to let the cold temperatures get in the way of being stylish so lately I have been layering it up before heading out and still, yes I am chilly but I am not outside for to long at a time so I manage:)

The Hat is by Free People
The Lacey Slip dress is by Free People Intimately
The Jacket Free People
The Flannel is by Forever 21
Both pairs of socks are by Forever 21
They gray crop top (can be seen in a couple shots) is also by Forever 21

 photo IMG_7526bg.jpg

 photo IMG_7585bg.jpg

 photo IMG_7534bg.jpg

 photo IMG_7589bg.jpg

 photo IMG_7599bg.jpg

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Feel the earths inner pull, grasp it and embrace it.

Before we knew it the days became shorter and the summer days turned to fall, the leaves change colors and plummit to the floors beneath our feet. Fall is here ! A beautiful story lies in front of us every morning as we wake, we write our book we call our lives and choose the paths in which we walk. We dream, we live,we ponder life, we become, who we choose to be.

This look is comfy and casual yet street chic. The beanie, Forever 21, the leather jacket Forever 21, the oversized tunic Forever 21, the belt Forever 21, the jeans baggy boyfriend style thifted levis rolled at the ends, the shoes my favorite chloe inspired boots. The cross necklace Forever 21, the bullet necklace a design from my personal hand made collection, the silver tibetan perfume bottle necklace, thrifted, leather wrap around bracelet from my personal handmade designs, as well as the leather turquoise choker.

 photo 5.jpg

 photo 6.jpg

 photo 4.jpg

 photo 1.jpg

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Follow your Dreams, Not Orders.

I cant believe October is here!! I love this time of year as the warm summer days transition into fall. The changing of seasons here on the Oregon coast is truly mesmerizing. The leaves cascade from the trees, floating through the breeze so silently eventually falling bringing splashes of color to the earths floor as they become one. Much like a magnet the ground pulls the once alive beauty to the ground so a new life can transpire after the winter months fade away and spring is on the horizon. A glorious life comes to an end and leaves behind its soul in the form of autumn colors, making us see the beauty of transformation. The chill in the air makes snuggling feel so necessary. Its the time of year where cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and a cozy fire become some of my favorite things. The sun still shines but does not radiate its inner love like it did just weeks prior. Fall marks the beginning of the time of year where curling up with a mug of hot tea in your favorite blanket shouldn't make you feel guilty.

 photo 1b.jpg

 photo 2b.jpg

 photo 3b.jpg

 photo 4b.jpg

The Beanie is Forever 21
The Bomber Jacket Forever 21
The Tank Forever 21
Jeans H&M

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Free People SunDress

I love being teamed up with Free People as they are one of my absolute favorite brands and I could rant and rave about them for days, recently they shipped me out one of their gorgeous fringe necklaces which I styled and wrote about in a earlier post, now I am posting about one of their darling versatile sundresses they sent me. I love it because its one of those dresses that can transition throughout the entire year. From summer to fall to winter you can make a perfect look by keeping this dress a staple in your closet. One of the greatest things I have found about Free People is the fact of being able to pair their clothing with nearly anything and have it look fabulous!

I paired the dress a few different ways, one just the dress, the others, with a utility jacket which came from Old Navy. I absolutely Love this jacket!!!! Utility jackets are becoming so hot for fall and the winter months, a must have in the closet! I have been pairing mine with shorts lately in the evenings or leggings as the days are slowly getting shorter and the evenings have a brisk fall feel to them. I also included a beanie in some of the looks which is from forever 21. The brown ankle boots are Steve Madden. The silver Fringe Necklace is from Free People. Hope you enjoy, and please follow my blog if your not already:) Thank you for reading. xox

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 photo 4blog1.jpg

 photo 4blog2.jpg

 photo 4blog6.jpg

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 photo 4blog4.jpg

I own all rights to these images, please contact me prior to using them or sharing them elsewhere. Thank You so much.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Free People Collaboration

 photo freepeoplen2.jpg

I recently teamed up with one of my favorite brands of all time, Free People. They sent me an amazing sundress and a necklace If you didn't know Free People doesn't just carry clothing, they have some fabulous accessories and necklaces I am truly in Love! My first posting involves the fringe necklace they sent. I paired it with a tie dye sun dress that was hand made from an old night gown. I absolutely adore the combo together and had so many compliments the day I wore this look. This necklace will definitely become a staple in my jewelry attire & I highly recommend it!

 photo frepeoplen5.jpg

 photo freepeoplen.jpg

 photo freepeoplen3.jpg

 photo freepeoplen1.jpg

 photo freepeoplen4.jpg

 photo IMG_4131.jpg

 photo freepeoplen7.jpg

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Friday, June 21, 2013

RocK 'N SouL

 photo rocknsoul.jpg

I have been trying to clean out my closet but haven't been having much luck parting with many items:( I find as soon as I put them in a pile to get rid of I am pulling them back out because my mind sees some new way to wear them, lol. For instance these jeans, one of my previous favorite pairs which now are 3 or 4 sz's too big on me. I used to wear these all the time as a nice form fitting jean, now being too big, I thought perfect I can part with them and free up some space in my jeans drawer.. until boom I realized If I belt them and roll the bottoms they'd probably make a perfect boyfriend jean. I was right, being as they are a designer denim -seven for all mankind- they have great durability and the denim is super soft. Now I am hooked on them as a lazy summer day go to in my wardrobe! This day I styled the boyfriend jean look with a white tank from american rag, a billabong amry style jacket a bandana passed down from my dad and studded moto boots by bamboo. A simple peace sign necklace to finish it off. Rings are classic rings I wear almost daily, my turquoise and stones. Always rocking my stones and big rings, and a leather cuff from my handmade collection.

 photo rocknsoul1.jpg

 photo rocknsoul1.jpg

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Get in the 4th of July Spirit with a little DIY from Free People

For all who know me well you know I am such an avid Free People follower and check their blog and site daily as they truly are my favorite designer of ALL TIME! I not only love their fashion but also their DIY section! Once again they continue to amaze me with all their awesomeness. This time bringing a special 4th of July spirit spectacular DIY to the table!

Today they teach you to make your own 4th of JULY Americana inspired denim out of a pair of old jeans! So lets get on it girls! Grab a pair of your favorite old comfy jeans and lets transfer those babies into your newest go to summer denim.

Click here to get all the details from Free Peoples Blog post

 photo americana-cuff-6.jpg

 photo americana-cuff-1.jpg

 photo americana-cuff-4.jpg

 photo americana-cuff-3.jpg

 photo americana-cuff-5b.jpg

 photo americana-cuff.jpg

Click here for instructions!

I am planning to make a pair in the next day or so and cant wait to post my final result!! If you make your own let me know I will post them here for everyone to see and admire!!

*All photos are property of Free People*

Smoke on the Water

 photo crosslookbook.jpg

 photo crossblock.jpg

 photo cross.jpg

 photo crossed.jpg

This was a look I put together one warm day a couple weeks ago that I am just getting around to posting. It was one of the warmest days so far, a beautiful day spent in the sun with family and friends in the backyard bbqing and smoking hookah. I live for warm summer days like these. A mix of street style with a classic rock twist.

Vest Cross Tank is from Forever 21
Bleached Shorts from Forever 21
Studded Boots are by Bamboo
Bandana passed down from my dads hippie days
Bracelet with Bullet and Quartz Crystals made my me.

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