Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Amazing WEEKEND:)

Yesterday February 11th was my brothers birthday, big 23!! We went to celebrate last night and had also went Saturday night as well. A place in a town about 30 minutes from us has a wonderful vokda distillery and restaurant, its called Superfly. We know he enjoys it so we choose to take him there both times:)! They also have gluten free options on their menu so I can eat, which always makes it easier on me so I am not just sitting there. They also distill their vodka with potatoes so I was able to enjoy a wonderful strawberry lemon vokdka martini. Such a yummy treat.

Heres my brother and I outside the restaurant
 photo superfly.jpg

Another shot of my brother and I on the way home from dinner
 photo us.jpg

My brother at dinner theres my martini in the lower part of the photo:)
 photo bro.jpg

This was my amazing dinner! Seared yellowfin tuna with yakisoba noodles that had a wonderful sweet spicy chili sauce. With ginger wasabi and soy soo good!

Heres a silly shot of me
 photo me.jpg

My amazing parents at dinner:)
 photo parents.jpg

Another shot of my brother:)!
 photo brother1.jpg

Then the next day, Sunday, my boyfriend and brother and I went for a gorgeous coastal hike here where we live! Heres some photos of the beautiful day we had!

 photo trail.jpg

 photo beach.jpg

 photo beach.jpg

 photo trail1.jpg

 photo sun.jpg

 photo suns-1.jpg

 photo brother.jpg

 photo brotrail.jpg

My next post will have photos from my brothers birthday last night:)

Thank you for reading,and following:)


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