Sunday, May 26, 2013

Its My Birthday!!

This past Friday, May 24th, was my BIRTHDAY! I cannot believe I turned 27! I feel like a child at heart still and to me age is really just a stupid number and your only as old as you feel! I feel amazing! More amazing than ever! I feel absolutely truly blessed to have the people in my life that I have:) I am forever thankful and eternally grateful for this life I have been given!!

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My mom had an appointment out of town so I rode with her and my Grandma and spent the day doing a little shopping with them! I wanted a casual but stylish look and being the weather has been sprinkling then sunny I choose this for my Birthday look:) A favorite style of mine; a big platform heel with thigh high socks, shorts and a top. I choose long sleeves as this shirt is ridiculously soft and and comfy yet you can pair it with so much, being it was a muggy misty overcast day with sun not peeking through during the evening hours; having a little arm coverage felt necessary:) The necklace is actually one my mom got me for my birthday a few years ago! I love it so much!

Since we were gone most the day and not home til evening we didn't celebrate too much on my birthday, just dinner we cooked at the house and I opened my gifts from family! Last night we are celebrated more, had dinner here again and had a cake I made! A vanilla strawberry coconut layered cake. With almond milk, strawberry, coconut glaze. All gluten, soy, dairy, egg, and oil free!
I love knowing I can have a piece and not feel as guilty as if the eggs and oil were in it, and I wont get sick from it since its gluten soy free as well! YAY

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My next post will have the recipe I used for the cake:) If your interested ina healthy baked treat! Without all the garbage, but still so yummy!

My Birthday weekend has been so wonderful and I love everyone in my life who not only made my birthday but every day of my life so extremely special:) !