Friday, June 21, 2013

RocK 'N SouL

 photo rocknsoul.jpg

I have been trying to clean out my closet but haven't been having much luck parting with many items:( I find as soon as I put them in a pile to get rid of I am pulling them back out because my mind sees some new way to wear them, lol. For instance these jeans, one of my previous favorite pairs which now are 3 or 4 sz's too big on me. I used to wear these all the time as a nice form fitting jean, now being too big, I thought perfect I can part with them and free up some space in my jeans drawer.. until boom I realized If I belt them and roll the bottoms they'd probably make a perfect boyfriend jean. I was right, being as they are a designer denim -seven for all mankind- they have great durability and the denim is super soft. Now I am hooked on them as a lazy summer day go to in my wardrobe! This day I styled the boyfriend jean look with a white tank from american rag, a billabong amry style jacket a bandana passed down from my dad and studded moto boots by bamboo. A simple peace sign necklace to finish it off. Rings are classic rings I wear almost daily, my turquoise and stones. Always rocking my stones and big rings, and a leather cuff from my handmade collection.

 photo rocknsoul1.jpg

 photo rocknsoul1.jpg

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Get in the 4th of July Spirit with a little DIY from Free People

For all who know me well you know I am such an avid Free People follower and check their blog and site daily as they truly are my favorite designer of ALL TIME! I not only love their fashion but also their DIY section! Once again they continue to amaze me with all their awesomeness. This time bringing a special 4th of July spirit spectacular DIY to the table!

Today they teach you to make your own 4th of JULY Americana inspired denim out of a pair of old jeans! So lets get on it girls! Grab a pair of your favorite old comfy jeans and lets transfer those babies into your newest go to summer denim.

Click here to get all the details from Free Peoples Blog post

 photo americana-cuff-6.jpg

 photo americana-cuff-1.jpg

 photo americana-cuff-4.jpg

 photo americana-cuff-3.jpg

 photo americana-cuff-5b.jpg

 photo americana-cuff.jpg

Click here for instructions!

I am planning to make a pair in the next day or so and cant wait to post my final result!! If you make your own let me know I will post them here for everyone to see and admire!!

*All photos are property of Free People*

Smoke on the Water

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 photo crossed.jpg

This was a look I put together one warm day a couple weeks ago that I am just getting around to posting. It was one of the warmest days so far, a beautiful day spent in the sun with family and friends in the backyard bbqing and smoking hookah. I live for warm summer days like these. A mix of street style with a classic rock twist.

Vest Cross Tank is from Forever 21
Bleached Shorts from Forever 21
Studded Boots are by Bamboo
Bandana passed down from my dads hippie days
Bracelet with Bullet and Quartz Crystals made my me.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Free People Inspiration Look

After falling in love with the free people June washed ashore lookbook and hair tutorial I decided to try a look and style out for myself. Here's some results of the boho hair style using some techniques I learned form the video! What I love about this style is there truly is no wrong way to do it. As long as your creative and throw in some braids and twists it should turn out pretty cute.

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 photo boho1.jpg

 photo bohotext.jpg

 photo boho3.jpg

 photo boho4.jpg

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*free people tutorial is property of free people*

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Free People Obsession and DIYs

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Ever since I discovered free people many years ago I have literally been obsessed! If I had an endless bank account I'd own the crap out of their line each season! Their style fits me so well. Free spirited bohemian and some what whimsical. Their pieces are enchanting to say the least and I am in Love. So deeply passionately in Love! These truly are clothes to live in and never want to take off! Right now I want everything, its so hard to choose favorite pieces when every single piece is out of this world amazing and something I want in my closet right now and on my body as we speak. I have been spending more and more time each day on the free people website and their blog, not only admiring all the clothing and getting inspiration but looking at all the DIY on their blog as well. There is everything from recipes to hair tutorials and oh so much more. You wont be disappointed by everything they have to offer.

If your like me when summer roles around your inner hippie want to shine bright! I have loved the stylings and messy yet PERFECT summer hair styles free people incorporates into their looks, in their June lookbook this style is so hott and guess what! There is a video on how to do it yourself! OH YES!!! My day is made! and because I love sharing, here it is for all of you lovies!
Try it out and send me your photos and I will showcase it here in my blog for everyone to see.

 photo freeppl1.jpg

 photo freeppl4.jpg

Here are some other links I thought you may enjoy!

Here's a link to the Free People DIY Site

Here's to check out Free People Beauty tutorials and ideas

They also have a place on their page I recently discovered its where girls just like us post their looks for other to see and inspire from! One of my favorite places to spend time now online is here:) Click Here

Head on over check it out and get inspired now:)!

In my next post I will share my free people inspired hair style that I tried out on myself. Stay tuned!

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*Photos and video are property of Free People*