Saturday, May 3, 2014

Coconut Iced Coffee, Day Dreams and Sunshine

This past week we had some extremely warm days here on the coast! Two if them reaching temperatures of 97 degrees!! If you know me you know I love the heat:) no complaints from me when it comes to hot weather!! 

Waking up to a warm breeze and the sun shining has to be one of the greatest feelings! There's just something about it that instantly puts me in a good mood and makes me feel super inspired and productive! Last weekend my boyfriend and I were in Ashland Oregon visiting his sister and I visited one of my favorite stores ! Papaya!! They have so many amazing beyond amazing things there and I'd love to buy out the entire store! Here's a few of my new treasures.

Papaya is owned by a local Ashland resident who is extremely talented and does all the art work and has I printed on everything from cards to bags to phone covers tins and sooo much more!! Safe to say I am addicted to her style and work and have been collecting more art every time we visit ! Here's my wall that showcases some of her beautiful cards that I have framed as well as art I have created:) 
Always a work in progress!


I've been working on jewelry and feeling quite accomplished :) here's a little photo blog of my past week.

Wake up and enjoy iced coconut coffee then get busy!

Both necklaces I've made.

I've also been drying rose petals, these beauties are so fragrant and will be used for many things that I will soon be sharing with you all:)

I also received a beautiful new dress from Romwe this week! 

I will have better photos of me styling it up on the blog shortly! Stay tuned.

Love and peace to you all:)