About Me


Where to begin… I am Jennifer Wentworth, 26 years young, a free spirited nonconformist, with huge dreams & ready to take on the world! In love with my chihuahua squirt, my family & boyfriend and all the amazing people who I call my friends, whom I consider all family as well:)

Fascinated with all things Indian, leather, feathers, antlers, stones, crystals, arrowheads, sacred things, the moon, the stars, and THE UNIVERSE:) hints, where the name for my blog was inspired. I love to create and express myself through my arts and style.

The fact I am over obsessed with fashion is quite mind boggling to some, especially considering I was born and raised in a tiny town of under 2000 people on the beautiful Oregon coast. Just 45 minutes from California. I currently reside here:) We are tucked amongst the trees beyond the tide lines, surf and swell, with the ocean in our front yards and the mountains, forests, rivers in our backyard. As much as I love the city my heart belongs here, my family is here! After graduating high school in 2004; I moved to sunny southern California. I loved it, everything about it, not so much the traffic I guess:) But the heat, the warm white sand, the shopping, the warm nights, the music in the streets. I close my eyes and go back to those magical nights and days I spent in the sun almost daily. After nearly 3 years away from home I made the decision to come back home to Oregon. I couldn't have made a wiser decision for upon returning home I met the absolute love of my life. Never the less any city trip I can get my hands on I am all over! Like fashion; I am obsessed with the city lifestyle, high rise buildings, the culture, music being played throughout the streets by talented street performers.

Why I named my blog what I did:

It describes things I love and who I am. I love rocks and crystals so I choose obsidian, it also represents Indian culture from the area I live on the Oregon coast. Growing up hunting arrowheads was something I did regularly here. Soul because I love, because I dream, because I stay true to my soul and who I am, Dreamcatchers because I make them I love them and I love to dream and never give up on my dreams.